Airline hose designed for use with Allegro Supplied Air low pressure systems. It is NIOSH approved when used with Allegro full-face, half-face and hood respirators. Manufactured with Rectus OBAC quick-connect couplers.


  • 25 Feet 
  • 50 Feet
  • 100 100 Feet

Allegro Airline Hose, Low Pressure

  • Our Low Pressure Airline Hoses are NIOSH approved when used with Allegro’s Supplied Air Respirators. Constructed from rugged polyvinyl chloride and reinforced with braided polyester yarn. These hoses provide a temperature range from -20° F to 150° F (-28.8° C to 65.5° C). Manufactured with OBAC quick-connect couplers. Maximum Pressure is 185 psi @ 70° F (12.76 bar @ 21.1° C)