Leading Edge Cable

6' Leading Edge Lanyard

Single Leg

Hook Options

  • Steel Snap Hooks
  • Steel Rebar

FallTech 6' Single Leg Leading Edge Cable Lanyard

    • Can be used with foot-level and overhead tie-offs for 6’ or 12’ free fall
    • ¼” heavy duty abrasion and cut resistant steel cable for long life
    • Lifeline cable tested on a .005 radius sharpened steel edge
    • Red protective PVC cover on the cable provides easy identification of a Leading Edge lanyard
    • 12’ free fall energy absorber designed to limit fall forces to 1,800 lbs. with average arrest forces of 1,350 lbs. in the event of a fall
    • The patented WrapPack cover protects the energy absorber from harsh environmental conditions and day-to-day use and offers a protected window to allow visual inspection of the internal webbing
    • Single-leg and twin-leg options are available with various connectors to meet the needs of various jobs
    • Twin-leg lanyards offer 100% tie-off
    • A lightweight and affordable Leading Edge solution
    • User Capacity – ANSI: 130 to 310 lbs