DuraTech® SRD Is equipped with a side cable payout, aluminum housing, internal braking system, swiveling self-locking carabiner and a spring block shock with a grip handle all within a stackable design.

Multiple Length Options

FallTech DuraTech® SRL with Side Payout

    • A durable, long life aluminum housing offers a built in carrying handle for easy transport around the job site
    • A stackable design minimizes the space required for storage and maximizes transport
    • The internal braking system provides maximum stopping power in the event of a fall
    • A spring block shock with grip handle for secure handling with a gloved hand
    • The side payout allows incredibly smooth cable payout and retraction of the 3/16" cable while reducing wear and tear of the cable and internal components
    • A swiveling, self-locking carabiner swivels to eliminate the cable from twisting and provides a visual indicator when a fall has occurred
    • Complies with the following ANSI and OSHA requirements: ANSI: Z359.14-2014 OSHA: 1926.502, and 1910.66
    • ANSI:- Class A