Contractor Leading Edge Self-Retracting Device

  • 7/32 Galvanized Steel Cable
  • Internal Inertial Brake And External Shock Pack
  • Glass-filled Nylon Housing
  • 1 Connecting Carabiner and 1 Load-indicating Swivel Carabiner

FallTech Contractor Leading Edge Cable SRL

    • May be used as a traditional SRD for overhead anchorage options or in below harness D-ring anchorage conditions
    • 7/32 Galvanized steel cable for added cut resistance
    • Dual energy absorber system – internal inertial brake and external shock pack
    • Designed to reduce the risk of cable failure when contacting an edge during a fall event
    • ANSI Z359.13 compliant external energy absorber to reduce impact forces during edge contact in a fall event
    • Certified as ANSI Z359.14-2014 Leading Edge compliant