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  • ANSI Cut Level A3
  • EN 388 Levels: 4X43C
  • 15-gauge Tuffalene® Platinum UHMWPE shell offers bare hand sensitivity and cut resistance, free from glass fiber or steel enhancements
  • Mach Finish nitrile palm is excellent for grip in wet and oily situations as well as abrasion resistance
  • Knit wrist cuff prevents gloves from slipping off while working

Global Glove Samurai Glove - High-Visibility Tuffalene Platinum Cut Glove

  • CR915MF - Samurai Glove® - High-Visibility Cut Resistant Gloves Made with Tuffalene® Platinum

    Free from glass fiber or steel enhancements to achieve this level of cut protection.

    This lightweight seamless glove is an outstanding cut resistant option that features a high-visibility 15-gauge Tuffalene® Platinum liner. Our innovative Tuffalene® Platinum offers extra comfort, protection and durability. The shell is enhanced by a black Mach Finish nitrile dipped palm. Tuffalene® Platinum gloves offer a cooler, more comfortable user experience and feature puncture resistance comparable to enhanced fibers. Gloves made with Tuffalene® Platinum last longer than enhanced gloves due to the inherent abrasion resistance of the fiber construction. Because Tuffalene® Platinum gloves are constructed without steel or glass fiber, particles of these fibers do not contaminate other materials during handling.



    Glass Handling

    Bottle Handling

    Automotive Industry

    Aerospace Industry


    Metal Fabrication

    Metal Stamping

    Steel Handling