2 year Warrenty - including sensor & battery

Gas Combination Options

  • %LEL (combustibles) / O2 (Oxygen) 
  • H2S (Hydrogen sulfide) / CO (Carbon monoxide)
  • O2 (Oxygen) / H2S (Hydrogen sulfide)
  • O2 (Oxygen) / H2S (Hydrogen sulfide) / CO (Carbon monoxide)

Standard Package Contents

  • Detector complete with specified sensor(s), stainless steel alligator clip and concussion-proof housing
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wall outlet charging adaptor
  • Calibration/test cap and hose 
  • Manual
  • Multi-language CD manual

Honeywell BW GasAlert MicroClip Series Gas Monitor; 2 Gas

  • The easy to wear, slim and compact GasAlertMicroClip provides affordable protection from atmospheric gas hazards and extended battery life, especially in cold weather. The GasAlertMicroClip features visual compliance at a glance with the flashing, green IntelliFlash™. Easy one-button operation reduces training time and lets workers focus on the job at hand. For simple, cost-effective management of your records, calibration and bump testing, choose BW’s MicroDock II automatic test and calibration system and Fleet Manager II software

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