KStrong® BRUTE™ Backer™ LE Dual 8.5 ft. Cable SRL-LE assembly with Aluminum swivel rebar hooks at connector end and shock pack with Twin SRL connector at top

Aluminum Rebar Hook

8.5' Galvanized Cable w/ Locking Carabiner

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K-Strong BRUTE Backer Leading Edge 8.5' Twin SRL w/ Aluminum Rebar Hook


    • Designed to be used as retractable twin leg shock absorbing lanyard.
    • Robust & durable plastic casing.
    • Has swivel anchorage eye at anchorage end.
    • Ultralight design almost unnoticeable on the users back.
    • Galvanized steel wire rope (option of having S.S. wire rope available)
    • Twin legged retractable lanyard with Aluminum rebar hook (Our ref. PN 159) at termination end and shock pack at harness attachment end.
    • Twin SRL connector (UFC409151) for connection to the Dorsal attachment of harness.
    • Compatible to be used where anchor point not available above users head / can be used near a potential leading edge.


    8.5 ft.


    Material: Galvanized steel wire rope Ø3/16’’.
    Minimum Breaking strength: 3400 lbs. (1542 kg)


    8.37 lbs. ± 0.22 lbs. (3797 gm ± 100 gm)


    Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z359.14-2014 Class B