Sold in box of 100 pairs 

Reusable TPE Ear Plugs - NRR 23

  • STYLE: Uncorded
  • SHAPE: Flanges
  • EAR PLUG MATERIAL: Thermoplastic Elastomer

PIP Reusable TPE Cordless Ear Plugs - NRR 23; 267-HPR200

SKU: H-P267-HPR200
  • Plugs are often used in dirty working environments making it likely that particles will collect on the surface of the material, causing minor injuries and irritation. The smooth, dirt-repellent surface of the HPR200 can be cleaned using soap and water,

    maintaining the wearer's comfort and safety.


    • Avoid minor injuries and irritation with a smooth, dirt-repellent surface
    • Combination of sealing flanges and discs for best wearing comfort and attenuation
    • Stiffened shaft makes insertion easy and avoids contact with the parts inserted into the ear
    • Natural sound image and excellent for speech clarity and comprehension
    • Reusable, which makes these ear plugs very cost effective
    • Easy to store in the packet when the plugs are not in use
    • The ear plugs can be cleaned with mild soap and water