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Leather Welding Work Gloves / Competitive Value Top Cow Grain Leather / 4 Inch Split Leather Gauntlet Cuff / Sewn with ARX Cut Resistant Thread

  • Competitive Value Top Grain Cowhide
  • 4 Inch brown split cow leather gauntlet cuff
  • Wing Thumb

SKU: 4955

MCR Top Cow Grain Leather Welding Work Gloves; 4955

SKU: G-W4955
  • Only the finest top grain leather go into our MIG / TIG welding options. Sewn with aramid thread to resist sparks and sharp metals which can unravel most gloves, you will find these gloves a great long-term value. Low heat welding often requires optimal dexterity which affords great attention to detail. You'll find features on the 4955 include Competitive Value grade cream grain cow leather, 4 inch russet split gauntlet cuff and wing thumb.

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