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The Bitter (Denatonium Benzoate) Fit Test Kit offers qualitative OSHA-compliant fit testing for disposable and reusable dust and mist respirators. Denatonium Benzoate creates an unmistakable bitter taste that indicates a breakthrough in the respirator fit. Denatonium Benzoate has been found safer than Sweet (Saccharin) fit tests while producing identical results. Disposable glass ampules make pouring solution into nebulizers easier and reduces the chance of contamination.

Allegro Bitter (Denatonium Benzoate) Fit Test Kit

SKU: R-A2041
  • KIT:

    • Test hood
    • Sensitivity nebulizer
    • Test nebulizer w/ atomizer
    • Wire cleaner
    • Box of Sensitivity Solution, 6 ampules
    • Box of Test Solution, 6 ampules


    • Poly-coated
    • Clear viewing window S
    • urged seams
    • Reusable


    • Glass ampule
    • With pre-drilled plastic cap for easy pouring
    • Plastic protection from broken glass
    • One-time use
    • Averages 3-5 fit tests per tub
    • Contains 2.5cc of solution


    • Buna-N (Nitrile rubber) air bulb for easy operation
    • Converts 5cc (ml) of liquid into aerosol 0.3 to 5.0 microns particle size
    • Complete with extra jet and replaceable plastic caps
    • Break-resistant polycarbonate plastic (Lexan??) that easily disassembles for washing
    • Dimensions: 2??? x 2??? x 7??? (5.0 cm x 5.0 cm x 17.7 cm)

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