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Allegro air filtration panels filter impurities and hydrocarbons from an air compressor to convert to breathable air. To meet OSHA requirements a CO monitor is available for continuous monitoring of carbon monoxide levels. Panel provides up to 15 CFM (25.48 m3 /hr) of air within a 5-125 PSI (0.34-8.62 bar) range.

Manufactured for 5 worker set-up

Allegro Breathing Carry-Air™ Filtration Panels; 5 Worker


    • Housed in a portable, rugged Pelican case with carrying handle, latches for protection and security
    • A 16 gauge powder coated steel stand, for support
    • All brass plumbing with quick-disconnect Hansen couplers


    • Power source: 115V AC to 9V DC power adapter for continuous power supply 9V DC Alkaline battery (primary or as back-up for AC adapter)
    • Alarm Setting: 10 PPM (Canada: 5PPM)
    • External Connections: Optional Remote Strobe Light Alarm
    • Audible: 90 decibel Piezo
    • Alarm Visual: External power LED light signal
    • Sensor: Electrochemical, replaceable
    • Display: Liquid crystal
    • Keys: Mode & Set
    • Modes: Normal Operation, Peak, Battery Charge and Calibration mode
    • Calibration: Self adjusting calibration to 20 PPM


    • First Stage: 5 micron particulate filter element and automatic mechanical drain
    • Second Stage: 0.0 10 micron coalescing filter element and manual drain
    • Third Stage: 0.003 micron activated carbon filter element and manual drain.
    • Regulator: High Pressure, 0-160 (0-11.03 bar) pressure gauge and a
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