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6' Ironman 12' free fall Energy Absorbing Lanyard, Single-leg with Steel Connectors

  • Ironman Dual-class lanyard solution for 12' foot-level and 6' overhead free fall applications for users weighing up to 310 lb
  • Equally suitable for traditional 6' overhead free fall applications for heavier users weighing up to 425 lb.
  • Constructed with jacketed double-layer polyester webbing for added strength and abrasion resistance
  • External energy absorber features ViewPack cover with inspection window and WrapPack label protection
  • Includes alloy steel snap hook for harness attachment and rebar hook for anchorage connection
  • Rebar hooks feature transverse load rated gates
  • Complies with ANSI Z359.13-2013
  • Twin Leg Versions Avaliable
  • Connect Options (SKU)
    • 2x Steel Snap Hooks (8247B)
    • 2x Aluminum Snap Hooks (8247BA)
    • 1x Steel Rebar Hook & 1x Steel Snap Hook (8247B3)

FallTech Ironman 6' Single Leg Static Length Lanyard w/ Steel Rebar Hook

SKU: F-F8247B3

    • Webbing: Polyester 5,000 lb min. static strength
    • Energy Absorber: Polyester tear-away
    • Connectors: Plated alloy steel; 5,000 lb min. static strength with 3,600 lb gate strength


    • Static Strength:5,000 lb min.
    • ANSI Lanyard Class: 6' free fall and 12' free fall
    • Max. Arrest Distance:48" for 6' free fall and 60" for 12' free fall
    • Avg. Arrest Force: 900 lb for 6' free fall and 1,350 lb for 12' free fall
    • Max. Arrest Force: 1,800 lb for both 6' and 12' free fall
    • ANSI User Capacity:130 to 310 lb max.
    • OSHA User Capacity: 130 to 425 lb max.

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