Sold in box of 10 glasses

The gold standard in dust protection…is Silverton®. A hybrid safety eyewear solution that offers two options, temples or a head strap, for a choice in foam-lined protection.

  • Tough, industrial design; safety eyewear that looks as tough as it protects.
  • Two options: choose the temple version for the lightweight comfort of a spectacle or choose the adjustable strap version for a more goggle-like fit.
  • Opti-Fit™ foam lining features a tapered design for a better seal around the eyes.
  • Venting channels along the foam minimize fogging.
  • Independently tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories to meet ANSI Z87.1+ and CSA Z94.3 standards. Meets ballistic impact resistance requirements for eyewear in US Military Performance Specification MIL PRF-32432 (GL).

Gateway Silverton Safety Glasses (box of 10)

SKU: S-G22GY80
  • Digging in the dirt kicks up a lot of dust, but sometimes you pull out a silver treasure. Silverton™ safety eyewear delivers authentic, foam-lined protection for the dustiest environments.

    Instead of traditional foam with uniform height, Silverton features Gateway Safety’s OptiFit™ foam. This unique, tapered-shape foam better fits the contours of the forehead and face, providing a better seal against dust and perspiration. Plus, venting channels are strategically placed along the foam to minimize fogging, so you can keep mining for the treasures of your trade all day long.

    Silverton is available in two options — offering you a choice in your battle against dust and small particles that can irritate the eyes. Select the temple version for the versatility of a spectacle or the adjustable strap version for a more goggle-like fit. Each has a comfortable yet industrial design to fit in well wherever the next rush might take you.

    When dust and debris threaten to cloud your vision, wear Silverton to strike it rich. Now that’s a claim worth staking.

    Type / Lens (SKU)

    • Templs / Clear  (22GY80)
    • Templs / Clear Anti-Fog (22GY79)
    • Temples / Gray Anti-Fog (22GY78)
    • Temples / Clear In-Out Mirror Anti-Fog (22GY0F)
    • Strap / Clear Anti-Fog (22ST79)
    • Strap / Gray Anti-Fog (22ST78)