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Ninja BNF Evolution Work Gloves, 15 Gauge Ingenia Shell, NFT Palm and Fingertip Coating, Environmentally Friendly

  • 37% of its material composition are renewably sourced ingredients [by weight]
  • Breathable and easy to wear
  • Great moisture wicking properties
  • NFT coated palm and fingertips significantly increases gripping power
  • Reduces CO2 emission by 63% over the production of an equal amount of nylon
  • Requires 30% less energy than production of an equal amount of nylon
  • Shell is constructed of Ingenia eco-friendly material
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Treated with ActiFresh??
  • Sizes: XS-XL
  • ANSI Ratings
    • Abrasion: 4
    • Heat: 2
    • Puncture: 2

SKU: N96051

MCR Ninja BNF 15g Ingenia Shell w/ NFT Palm & Fingertip Coating; N96051

SKU: G-SN96051
  • The N96051 Ninja?? BNF Evolution puts sustainability at the core to reduce the Carbon Footprint. In addition to 1/3 of the component materials [by weight] of the Ingenia??? liner being sustainably sourced, production requires 30% less energy and minimizes greenhouse emissions by as much as 60% of CO2 as compared to the production of nylon. Furthermore, the Ingenia??? liner with a porous NFT?? coating results in more moisture absorption, permeation capability and breathability than any other competitive products in its category.  The N96051 features a comfortable and breathable 15 gauge Ingenia??? shell coated with New Foam Technology (NFT??) which features micropores that absorb surface liquids to provide excellent oily and wet grip.  If you are searching for the best coated work gloves, look no further than MCR Safety!

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