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10 Gauge Cotton / Polyester ShellLatex Palm and Fingertips

  • Sizes: S-XL
  • ANSI Cut Level 2
  • ANSI Puncture Level 4
  • ANSI Abrasion 3
  • 10 Gauge Gray Cotton/Polyester Shell
  • Gray Latex Dip on the Palm and Fingertips
  • Improves Grip
  • Excellent comfort and fit

SKU: 9688

MCR Safety NXG Cotton / Polyester Shell Latex Palm Glove; 9688

SKU: G-S9688
  • MCR Safety NXG?? styles are manufactured on seamless knit liners that are flat dipped to reproduce the natural curved shape of the hand. As a result, workers benefit from less hand fatigue and greater productivity while performing detailed tasks to heavy duty jobs. The 9688 offers the comfort and breathability of a Cotton / Polyester shell coupled with the increased gripping power of Latex. This glove also offers good abrasion and puncture resistance.

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