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Terrycloth Gray 22 oz., Seamless, Reversible Regular Weight, Knit Wrist

  • SIZE: Large
  • 22 oz. Gray Loop- out Cotton/Polyester blend
  • Provides basic abrasion and heat protection
  • Provides comfort and warmth
  • Knit Wrist

SKU: 9420KM

MCR Terry Cloth 22 oz. Glove; 9420KM

SKU: G-C9420KM
  • Most terry cloth is made with cotton because the absorbent fiber gets stronger when wet and it can be sanitized in very hot water using strong bleach and detergent without harm. Terry cloth also provides excellent thermal properties. Terry cloth is most often used for light heat applications in the industrial market. The 9420KM features 22 oz. gray regular weight cotton blend with a knit wrist.

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