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Miller Falcon+ Edge 30' Leading Edge SRL

Weight Rating

  • Weight rating up to 420 lb (190 kg) ? OSHA
  • Meets requirements OSHA 1926.502, and the new ANSI Z359.14-2021 Class 2

Variety of Lengths

  • Available in 20ft, 30ft and 50ft working lengths to cover a wide range of applications

Edge Protection

  • Helps provide protection for all working at height situations ? horizontal; vertical; mounted overhead; anchored at foot level and work near edges
  • Designed for sharp edge applications with an edge radius of ? 0.005 in (0.13 mm)
  • Ideal in applications that require anchoring at foot level

Unit and Lanyard Connections

  • Smooth, quiet operation, engineered spring retraction tension designed not to pull or drag on a worker to improve productivity and reduce fatigue
  • Dual swivels (unit top and snap hook) included on all cable models to provide support and leverage when attaching to anchorage connector providing easy installation
  • No annual factory recertification required


Miller Falcon+ Edge 30' Leading Edge SRL

  • The Miller Falcon+ Edge is designed to protect a worker in applications where the lifeline could meet an edge, in event of a fall, or where foot level tie-off is needed. This self-retracting lifeline features an integrated shock-absorber pack attached to the end of the lifeline connected to the worker. The Falcon+ Edge can also be used in overhead applications as a traditional self-retracting lifeline.

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