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Miller TurboLite EXTREME Dual 9ft Leading Edge Personal SRL; Steel Rebar

  • ? Designed for use in sharp edge applications with radius ? 0.005 in (0.13 mm)
  • Meets ANSI Z359.14 Class B and Leading Edge requirements
  • Galvanized cable lifeline
  • Available in lengths of 6-ft and 9-ft
  • Single and twin configurations
  • Variety of lifeline connector options
    • Steel Snap Hook
    • Steel Rebar
    • Aluminum Snap Hook
    • Aluminum Rebar
    • Aluminum Captive Eye Carabiner
  • SKU: MFLEC2-4/9FT

Miller TurboLite EXTREME Dual 9ft Leading Edge Personal SRL; Steel Rebar


    Whether you work in construction, industrial, or even wind power, units for sharp and smooth edges including options for tie-back applications will help you ensure workers are safe in applications requiring foot-level tie off or work near edges.
    TurboLite Edge PFLs are engineered to deliver the assurance you expect from Miller, and are available in a wide range of lengths with innovative features:

    • Versatile ? Can be connected at foot-level and above for workers up to 420 lbs.
    • Repairable ? If one unit of a twin model is damaged, the product can be sent to Honeywell for replacement.
    • Compact and Lightweight ? Reduce your fatigue, increase your productivity.
    • Simple ? Easy to install, easy to use.
    • Configurable ? A wide range of working lengths featuring cable, web, and tie-back options with a variety of lifeline connectors.
    • Reduced fall clearance compared to a shock-absorbing lanyard ? Effective solution for applications with limited fall clearance.
    • Durability ? High-impact nylon housing and abrasion-resistant webbing.
    • Superior Mobility ? Integral swivel design increases worker mobility and prevents lifeline from twisting.
    • Twin models available ? Provide for 100% tie-off connection.

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