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Seamless Knit Kevlar® / Lycra Glove with Polyurethane Coated Smooth Grip on Palm & Fingers

  • SIZE: M-2XL
  • COATING: Polyurethane
  • GRIP: Smooth
  • GAUGE: 13

PIP G-Tek Kev Knit Kevlar Polyurethane Coated Glove; 09-K1250

  • Used for material handling, glass handling operations, fishing industries, sanitation, general maintenance, woodworking and waste handling & recycling.


    • Seamless knit construction provides comfort without sacrificing dexterity
    • Kevlar® & Lycra fiber shell provides high tensile strength relative to its weight, is inherently cut resistant and will not melt, ignite or conduct electricity
    • Polyurethane coated palm and fingertips provides a secure grip in dry and slightly wet/oily conditions and offers high dexterity and tactile sensitivity
    • Knit Wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
    • Color coded hems for easy size identification
    • Launderable for extended life and to reduce replacement costs
    • This style is also available tri-folded and shrink-wrapped for carefree dispensing through vending machines (09-K1250V)