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Sold per pair of sleeves

Kut Gard - ATA, HPPE, 10G Knit, A8, Gray, TH

  • LINER MATERIAL: ATA Fiber Technology / HPPE
  • CONSTRUCTION: Machine Knit
  • LENGTH: 18" 

SKU: 20-S10ATA/PE8-18T

PIP Kut Gard HPPE Blended Sleeve w/ Thumb Hole; Cut Level A8

SKU: G-P20-S10ATA/PE8-18T
  • Antimicrobial sleeves featuring ATA?? Technology; a cool wearing HPPE blend with excellent stretch and memory retention. Color coded hem identifies ANSI cut protection score so safety managers and workers can quickly confirm that they are wearing the appropriate cut protection for the application.


    • Proprietary ATA?? Technology with HPPE fiber blend provides ANSI A8 cut protection and outstanding wearer comfort
    • Cut resistant fiber blend with HPPE is cool wearing and is more comfortable than other engineered fiber blends
    • Color-coded overedge indicates cut protection, white indicates ANSI A8, for visual confirmation and worker safety
    • Antimicrobial fiber helps to prevent bacterial growth
    • Knit wrist stays in place and is less binding than elastic wrist
    • Good washability can be washed in soap and water or dry cleaned
    • Available with or without thumb-hole
    • Made in the USA

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