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Kut Gard® - ATA, HPPE, 10G Knit, A9, Gray, TH

  • LINER MATERIAL: ATA Fiber Technology / HPPE
  • CONSTRUCTION: Machine Knit
  • LENGTH: 18" 

SKU: 20-S10ATA/PE9-18T

PIP Kut Gard HPPE Blended Sleeve w/ Thumb Hole; Cut Level A9

SKU: G-P20-S10ATA/PE9-18T
  • ATA Technology, HPPE blend fiber, 10G Knit, A9, Black OE, Gray, Thumb hole


    • Proprietary ATA® Technology with HPPE fiber blend provides ANSI A9 cut protection and outstanding wearer comfort
    • Cut resistant fiber blend with HPPE is cool wearing and is more comfortable than other engineered fiber blends
    • Color-coded overedge indicates cut protection, black indicates ANSI A9, for visual confirmation of worker compliance
    • Antimicrobial fiber helps to prevent bacterial growth
    • Knit wrist stays in place and is less binding than elastic wrist
    • Good washability can be washed in soap and water or dry cleaned
    • Available with or without thumb-hole
    • Made in the USA