Prefilled Mega T-Fit™ Ear Plug Dispenser - 500 Pairs

  • HEARING STYLE: Uncorded
  • SHAPE: T-Shape
  • EAR PLUG MATERIAL: Polyurethane Foam
  • Holds 500 pairs of 267-HPF510

SKU: 267-HPD510-500

PIP T-Fit Cordless Ear Plug Prefilled Mega Dispenser, 500 pairs

SKU: H-P267-HPD510-500
    • Prefilled dispenser includes 500 pairs of PIP Mega T-Fit ear plugs
    • Table top install and easy to use
    • Controlled release mechanism ensures the correct number of plugs are dispensed into a collection tray
    • Sufficient capacity to supply large production areas
    • Transparent design to monitor the number of earplugs remaining