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Safewaze7' Adjustable Tripod Kit, 65' Personnel Winch, 65' 3-Way

  • The 7' Adjustable Tripod Kit with 65' 3-Way Device and 65' Personnel Winch is designed for versatility and convenience with quick setup and hassle-free use in confined space. Lightweight yet durable construction provides anchorage for fall protection, work positioning and personnel riding systems. Components serve as both support and rescue or evacuation if necessary.

SKU: 019-11004

Safewaze 7' Tripod Kit w/ 65ft Personnel Winch & 65ft Rescue/Retrieval SRL

SKU: F-S019-11004
  • Features:

    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • Quick setup with easy height adjustment
    • Two pulleys for use with multiple devices
    • Equipped with:
      • 65' 3-Way system for fall protection
      • 65' Personnel winch safely moves workers
    • Two additional 5,000 lb. anchor points
    • Secure rubber foot pads with optional soft terrain edge
    • Durable storage/travel bag
    • Safety chain and quick link

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